CAPSSANA the healthy taste of coffee

CR Cortonesi Rivo engineering

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OTHER COUNTRIES: prices include PRIORITY delivery with tracking number 

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Update date of the currencies: Saturday 5 October 2019


Capssana KIT-1, delivery included

From 34.00 CHF
1 capsule-filling accessory (nylon), 1 capsule (steinless steel), 3 gaskets

Capssana KIT-2, delivery included

From 75.25 CHF
1 case, 1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel), 2 capsules (steinless steel), 6 gaskets

Capssana KIT-3, delivery included

From 102.90 CHF
1 case, 1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel), 3 capsules (steinless steel), 9 gaskets

Capssana KIT-4, delivery included

From 130.70 CHF
1 case, 1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel), 4 capsules (steinless steel), 12 gaskets

Capssana KIT-5, delivery included

From 158.35 CHF
1 case, 1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel), 5 capsules (steinless steel), 15 gaskets

Capssana KIT-6, delivery included

From 186.05 CHF
1 case, 1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel), 6 capsules (steinless steel), 18 gaskets

Capssana KIT-12, delivery included

From 335.15 CHF
2 cases, 2 capsule-filling accessories (steinless steel), 12 capsules (steinless steel), 36 gaskets

Spare-1, delivery included

From 8.00 CHF
12 gaskets

Spare-2, delivery included

From 9.40 CHF
1 capsule-filling accessory (nylon)

Spare-3, delivery included

From 11.35 CHF
1 capsule-filling accessory (steinless steel)

Spare-4, delivery included

From 14.60 CHF
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